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Urban Art

Here is a small overview of my personal practice of Urban Art. It goes from stickers to mural paste up, from Chinese ink drawings, to handmade linocut printings...

[Graff.] "Chez Melissa(Acrylique) (2021)

[Graff.] "Art Truc Troc" (Paint markers) (2020)

[Graff.] "BXL-Bourse" (Acrylic) (2020)

[Graff.] "Chez Aude & Guillaume." (Acrylic) (2019)

[Graff.] "Chez Ania." (Acrylic) (2019)

[Graff.] "In Pizza God We Trust(Acrylic) (2019)

[Paste up] "Poulpoiid" (Acrylic & Ink) (2019)

[Paste up] "TRTD Poo God Monster" (Linocut) (2019)

[Paste up] "DPM Pizza God Monster" (Linocut) (2018)

[Graff] "Migmoiid III" (Spray paint) (2018)

[Stickers] "Ambroizoiid" (Quadri.) (2018)

[Paste up] "Torticoiid" (Linocut) (2018)

[Paste up] "Hedonoiid" (Linocut) (2018)

[Stickers] "Super Krotoiid" (Linocut) (2018)

[Stickers] "Teratos Phosphos" (Markers) (2018)

[Stickers] "Raelloiid & Eponoiid" (Linocut) (2018)

[Stickers] "✗ Dupz" (Molotow markers) (2018)

[Stickers] "Migmoiid II" (Linocut) (2017)

[Stickers] "Migmoiid I" (Quadri.) (2017)

[Stickers] "Pixel Series II" (Linocut) (2015)

[Stickers] "Pixel Series I" (Linocut) (2014)

[Stickers] "Teratoiid" (Linocut) (2010)

[Stickers] "Poulp series" (Ink) (2009)

[Paste up"Punkoiid" (Ink) (2007)