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At the beginning...

Teratoiid is a graphical fabrication, a monster laboratory, but also since 2010 an alternative T-shirt store!


It is for anyone who wants to be different, especially in their aesthetic choices of production and distribution, and who wishes to show their individuality; supporters of a conscious culture where common thought, systematic imitation and mass production cease to be key words, the wild mischief-makers of all genres that support crafts and small series


It can be summed up by words such as:


Originality, Home-made, Ethics, Customization.


All Teratoiid creations have strange graphics concocted by me... Above all else, Teratoiid T-shirts are unique and numbered pieces of artwork (written inside the neck band), and are so much more than a fashion item manufactured in large quantities to guarantee the turnover of a large multinational fashion company.


Also note that Teratoiid sells his creations at an fair price of 25 Euros, for a quasi unique piece, as opposed to elitist fashion designed for the wealthy.


Teratoiid is small series, limited edition but above all home-made

Indeed, each motif is designed, engraved and printed by pressing, and all done by me. This unique technique, the T-shirts color choice and the limited number of 30 to 50 units per design make each shirt unique!


Note that the copies of one motif are divided between different colors and T-Shirts sizes to better cater to individual tastes and sizes!


The printing is done by hand on T-shirts that are guaranteed 100% organic cotton (see here), which helps limit the cost to the environment.


Teratoiid can adapte! If you have a band, an association or anything else, and you want to have your own Teratoiid, do not hesitate to contact me on contact(at)teratoiid.com! We'll see what we can come up with together!

And more!


T-Shirts are cools, but that's not all!
Teratoiid, it's also Art paper printings, Street Art, Skate custom and more!